From 1997 to 2003 Bruce White maintained the "austin seven motoring pages" as a help reference to all the enthusiast across the world. By collecting and summarizing information about restoring or modifying Austin cars, his site was a highly frequented database. Therefore we wanted to bring the technical information back on line, which took us quite a while. Although Bruce having his archived site remastered back on again (, we still think, it's worth having the stuff on here, too. So here are the
Austin Seven Technical Information
(with kind permission of Bruce White)

Austin Seven Magneto Information

Austin Seven Choke - one version anyway!

Austin Seven Special - Ron Ackroyd

Ruby Chassis (late model)

Late Sports Chassis Drawing (6' 9" - 1933)

Murray Jamieson Twin Cam Motor

Components of the Austin Badge

All British Motor House Ltd (an advertisement from an Adelaide Newspaper dated April 4th 1928)

Austin Seven Advertisement (an advertisement aimed at the female automobile buyer of the 1930's)

Springs and Shocks Drawing

How do I remove the rear spring bolts on an Australian bodied Sports Model?

Why Austin Seven Rear Springs Break?

The "Nobby" Advertisment (Anti Bump Springs for your Austin Seven!)

Austin Seven "Nobby" spring assistor kits - Article by Tony Eldridge

More "Nobby's" - These original ones are used on Barry Lovelock's 1936 Tourer

Bosco's Collapsible Rubber Driver - Anti theft device

Axle Drawings

Austin Seven Heads

Austin Seven Spark Plugs - thanks to David Armstrong

Austin Seven Camshaft Profiles

Austin Seven Valves

Austin Seven Wiring Drawing (coil engine - positive earth models)

Austin Seven Dynamo/Generator circuits (all models)

The New Millennium Austin Seven (or oil leaks revisited)

Fitting an Electric Water Pump

Late Model "D" Type Differentials - Information/Modifications

Late Model "D" Type Differentials - Setup Information

DK4A Distributor Curves

Distributor Rotors

Steering Arms

Austin Seven Steering Arm Modifications - Australian TQ Style

Cast Iron Steering Boxes

Austin Seven Damaged Steering Box

Drag Link Rod Preload Adjustment - modification

Holden (Australian) Body Identification Plate

Austin Seven Mechanical Starter - 1923

Radiator Coolants

Clutch Release Bearing Lubrication (Late Models)

Austin Seven 19" Wheel Re-spoking (Solid Centre Style) - by Ian Moorcraft

Damaged Block Number 267087

Artwork for Austin Seven Gauges and Instrument faces

Speedometer Summary Information Sheetby Ron Burchett

Austin Seven Meteor Replica Project - Bruce White

Austin Seven Breakdown Spares and Tools List (The Austin Sevens Clubs' Association Breakdown Register 1995)

Austin Seven Oil Jet (and a simple removal tool)

Austin Seven Brake Spring Tool (a simple home made tool)

Reliant Motor

Handbrake Assemblies