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Dear valued austinsevenfriends,
change is now in progress.
To start up, we set up a new forum and will take the old one offline
on the 18th of August, you'll find further information as a post in the old forum
and in our news section.
Next thing will be the design change of this website,
but the forum was more time critical.

We apologise in advance for any disturbances on here in the near future due to
website redesign in the background. We'll keep you informed about the progress.
The Seven is an enthusiast's car - A mechanic's car.
It can be truly be enjoyed by a driver who has touched all it's
bits and pieces.
The Seven begs that every nut and bolt be tightened,
adjusted and caressed - a four-wheel delight.
Driving the Seven and being able to feel all its parts working in harmony
is a sensual experience in motoring to be envied by all
who drive vehicles of lesser character.

Tip o' the hat to Doug Dexter